Hello Everyone
My Name Is Turissa Keys, Founder Of The Baptiste Heir LLC

As A Young Girl Growing Up, I Set Goals That, When Achieved, I Would Create A Great Life For My Mother

Things Did Not Go According To My Dreams, At The Tender Age Of 14; My Mother Became Ill, She Spent Weeks Going In And Out Of The Hospital, At The Time The Doctors Had No Idea What Was Causing Her Symptoms, Eventually, She Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lymphoma And Leukemia Cancer

Every One Of Us Has A Legacy That We Want To Leave Behind; I Did Not Get To Spoil And Treat My Mother Well, But I Will Continue To Build Her Legacy

My Mother Was A Lover Of Bags; She Invested In Them As She Believes They Made A Statement About The Individual, The Bag She Carried Can Demonstrate The Strong, Beautiful, And Alluring Characteristics Of A Woman, She Believed Your Bag Reveals Your Confidence

My Collection Is Dedicated To My Mother, And All The Strong Women Who Helped Shape Me, Especially After Her

Each Bag Is Designed To Emphasize Beauty And Confidence That Will Highlight Your Style

Enjoy Your Shopping And Make Sure Your Confidence Pops!

About Me
With Love
Turissa Keys
Company Founder
The Baptiste Heir LLC
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